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Bebhin Blank - Foxy McCoy

By · November 3rd, 2004 · What RU Listening 2
Bebhin Blank - Foxy McCoy
Dale M. Johnson

Bebhin Blank - Foxy McCoy

· The Jayhawks ­ Rainy Day Music

I love to harmonize, and I dig the somewhat Country (feel), sans the obnoxious twang.

I think the songs are well thought out and arranged beautifully. They make me want to sing along!

· Steadman ­ Revive

I heard these guys on WOXY live and was mysteriously compelled to buy this album.

· Fleetwood Mac ­ Rumours

I have been addicted to this album since I was 13. Lindsey Buckingham and Christine McVie have always been a huge influence on me.

· Mike Doughty - Smofe + Smang

Now here is a guy who has stage presence even when it's a recording. This is a great live album with some very original stick-in-your-head tunes. This CD is worth purchasing just for the banter.

· Various Artists ­ 50 First Dates soundtrack.

"Drive" redone by Ziggy Marley is an excellent tune, as well as "Lips Like Sugar," redone by Seal. I was really surprised by this soundtrack. I think we all forget about songs sometimes -- really good songs getting revived like this, makes me go, "Wow, yeah, that was a really great tune. I'm so glad someone remembers it."

FOXY MCCOY's Web site (foxymccoy.com) has more info about the band, including sound clips and upcoming show info.



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