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Brandon Neeley - Pain Link

By · October 13th, 2004 · What RU Listening 2
Brandon Neeley- Pain Link
Brandon Neeley- Pain Link

· Dimmu Borgir -- Death Cult Armageddon

This disc is epic Black Metal brutality from a band with world-class musicianship. I personally enjoy the clear, understandable vocals and chilling harmony work. The imagery this band creates with their music is something to behold. This album is destined to be an all-time classic.

· A Present Day Nightmare -- Symphony of a Broken Heart

This CD is a must-have for all fans of the new breed of Metal.

This is a self-produced effort by one of Cincinnati's best Metal bands. A Present Day Nightmare delivers the goods by combining well-crafted songs, clear mixes and clean packaging. Put this disc on at your next party, and you won't have any furniture left standing by the next morning. The mosh pit is guaranteed.

· Testament -- Demonic

Testament is, by far, my favorite Bay Area Thrash Metal band of all time. Demonic is pure aggressive energy from the first track to the very last. This CD cannot be played at a low volume, only on full roar. The kings of Thrash Metal had outdone themselves on this one. This is Testament at their best.

· Chimaira -- The Impossibility Of Reason

This disc is a modern Metal attack for the masses. The Metal gods have blessed this band of extremely talented musicians. Brutal guitars and vocals combined with machine-gun type bass drum fills make this a must for any Metal fans' CD player. Andols Herrick (no longer with the band) will make some drummers want to use their kits for end tables after one listen.

· Cannibal Corpse -- The Wretched Spawn

There's only one six-letter word to sum this disc up ... BRUTAL! In my opinion, this is one of the best Cannibal Corpse records to date and my favorite release this year. This disc features some amazing guitar work by hometown favorite Pat O'Brien. One listen and you'll realize why Cannibal Corpse reigns supreme in the world of Death Metal. This CD will make all your nightmares come true.

PAIN LINK (thepainlink.net) hosts a CD release party for the full-length debut, The Burden of Sin, at Sudsy Malone's on Nov. 6.



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