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The Game is on the Line

Jake Speed -

By Jake Speed · March 22nd, 2006 · Speedy Delivery
The current madness in Iraq has me on the march. The situation over there is so absurd that I sometimes wonder if it?s all just a huge tournament to see how many Holy Wars can be waged simultaneously. I tried not to sound too cynical in this song, but I?m feeling fed up with righteousness and side-taking. If there is a God, I?m sure as Hell ready for him to pick a side and let us get on with things.

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The Game is on the Line

Way over in Iraq, the game?s quite a fight Shots keep falling back and forth from Sunnis and Shiites It?s sudden death, it?s do or die It?s a Hail Mary hope that God?s on their side

Chorus: Dearest God in Heaven on high Have you made your picks, it?s March Madness time The game?s on the line, we?re fighting to survive Dear God, we all hope you pick our side

Way back in the States the number one seeds Are Republican men and they?re taking the lead They?re running the courts they?re shooting up their bombs They?ve won over the crowd which means they?ve won over God

Gays vs Straights, Rich vs Poor Whites vs Blacks, which side does God like more? We may never know but I?ll make a bet That when God makes his picks there?s gonna be some upsets



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