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Puck Dunaway - Boy Radio

By · September 15th, 2004 · What RU Listening 2
Puck Dunaway - Boy Radio
Puck Dunaway - Boy Radio

· Dexy's Midnight Runners -- Searching For the Young Soul Rebels

Hammond organs, a striking horn section and Kevin Rowland's utterly unconventional Soul vocals soar this record high into my most played list.

· The Auteurs -- After Murder Park

The group that spearheaded the '90s BritPop movement and quickly jumped ship to write music with far more substance.

After Murder Park is a classic LP recorded by the amazing Steve Albini at Abbey Road Studios. Listen close and you'll hear the ghost of George Harrison vocals in the master mix.

· The Shocking Blue -- At Home

This album is a summit of beauty and love. If you don't know this group or this record, make yourself familiar -- pronto!

· Neil Diamond -- Just for You

The man with the perfect voice and perfect hair records an LP that has ballads brooding with an excellent string vibe and finger-snapping Pop songs that are, uh, perfect.

· Elastica -- Elastica

Ten years ago I never would have thought I'd listen to this record as much as Blur's Parklife or Oasis' Definitely Maybe. If you haven't heard this album in a while, give it a spin and you'll be in for a big treat.

BOY RADIO DJs "Girls & Boys" night Saturday at Lava with special guest Death In Graceland.



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