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Black Oil On Tap

Jake Speed -

By Jake Speed · March 15th, 2006 · Speedy Delivery
I drank a tall glass of Guinness a few weeks ago, and couldn't help but notice that it looked like crude oil's twin brother. I knew such a likeness would eventually find its way into song, and it has. My original idea for this song sprang from a simple question: what would happen if an Irish pub ran out of beer on St. Patrick's day' The logical answer is that they'd blame another bar for terrorizing their bar, and then wage random war on them in the name of Freedom in order to refill their kegs. I set out to write a boisterous, sway-with-your-neighbor, raise-a-ruckus type of Irish pub ballad that told this story and perhaps another story simultaneously.

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Black Oil On Tap

It was on a St. Patty's Day, down at McMurphy's The pub where the good old boys go to get trashed There was boasting and hugging and toasting and chugging And the Guinness, it flowed like black oil on tap

Just 'cross the river stood O'Reilly's tavern compared to McMurphy's 'twas a wee little shack and the men there dressed funny, but they still prayed on Sunday and their Guinness still flowed like black oil on tap


Beer, Beer, pour some more pints Don't think of tomorrow, just think of tonight The evening is young and we want to have fun And like oil, our Guinness shall never run dry

Around 8 o'clock, way down at McMurphy's As everyone sang 'long to 'Wild Irish Rose' The bartender pulled on the Guinness tap handle But the oil-black beverage was dry as a bone.

The bartender gasped and McMurphy near fainted And the men with their empties screamed, 'Say it ain't so!' like a good politician, McMurphy said quickly 'I think it was terrorists, let's all go to war!'

The men all decided it must be O'Reilly Who'd stolen all the beer from McMurphy the great So, with God on their side and proof in their minds They stormed old O'Reilly's on St. Patrick's day

They knocked over stools and broke the pool cues Set fire to tables; some men even died But O'Reilly they captured, that terrorist bastard Who'd never set foot in McMurphy's that night

Back to McMurphy's, the men were all chirping 'We sacked and we ruined the terrorist threat' For Liberty and Freedom, the men raised their beer and drank oil-black Guinness from O'Reilly's kegs

This ain't no story of victory & glory It's actually a tale of deception and crime This is the legend of what the good men'll Resort to when oil-black Guinness runs dry



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