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Penn & Teller start another season of Bullshit!

On Your TV

By P.F. Wilson · March 31st, 2004 · Groove Tube
Here are a few programs to look out for in the upcoming week ...

WEDNESDAY 9 P.M. High-School All-Star Basketball Game, ESPN. From Oklahoma City, the best prep stars square off. Is the next LeBron James or Kevin Garnett present? Many athletic shoe companies hope so.

THURSDAY 8 P.M. The Big One, IFC. It's becoming a staple on the IFC. Michael Moore travels the country (back in '97) promoting his book, Downsize This. He stops in Cincinnati to visit P&G, before heading up to The Gary Burbank Show. And no it's no coincidence -- 700 (and its nickname) inadvertently inspired the name of the film.

THURSDAY 8 P.M. Lost in the Wild, Discover. "High Desert." Odd that Discover Channel would run this opposite Survivor, but there you go. New Mexico is home to some of the roughest terrains on the planet. With the help of survival expert Cody Lundin, author of 98.6 Degrees: The Art of Keeping Your Ass Alive, four everyday people get lost in the remote desert of New Mexico. They only have enough supplies for a day hike: a bottle of water, a sandwich and two layers of clothes. Tracker Cody instructs them on just how to beat the elements and how to conserve the necessities that make the difference between survival and death.

No reward challenge though.

THURSDAY 10 P.M. Penn & Teller: Bullshit! Showtime. Magicians Penn Gillette and his partner, Teller (who recently read a brief essay on NPR!) set out to expose hucksters, zealots and others who would try to fool the American public. The duo sees the need to combat an "increasingly anti-intellectual, anti-science culture (that) moves on each day to new crackpot subject matters."

SATURDAY 9 A.M. TAKEN, Sci-Fi. If you missed it before, Sci-Fi brings you en encore of the Steven Spielberg mini-series. This Emmy Award-winning epic weaves together the lives of three families over four generations and their crucial roles in the history of alien encounters, TAKEN is set against the backdrop of more than 50 years of American history. The grand story of the Keys, Crawford and Clarke families is told through the voice of Allie (Dakota Fanning), a 10-year-old girl whose journey is at the heart of the story. From the skies over France in 1945 to the modern day accounts of alien abductions, the story is a look at the lives of three ordinary families who experience the extraordinary. Also stars Cather-ine Dent, Joel Gretsch and Eric Close. Bet Dawson Leary will be watching ... now that's an obscure reference.

SUNDAY 9 P.M. Secrets of the Vatican, Travel Channel. With the popularity of Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code and its predecessor Angels & Demons, this one seems like a natural. Explore the world of the Vatican, the world's smallest sovereign nation, yet one of the most powerful. Its leader, Pope John Paul II, Europe's last absolute monarch, is charged with the spiritual care of more than a billion people.

MONDAY 12 P.M. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Spike TV. The third outlet in the Star Trek franchise makes it's re-run debut on Spike, with a week-long marathon. "Computer. Make the couch extra comfy. Engage." That's more like something Picard would say, isn't it?

NEWS & NOTES: Here's a tip that you might already know: Many cable/satellite channels repeat their prime-time schedules starting at 11 p.m., including Discover, TLC, Travel and more. Miss a program at 8, or come into it half the way through? Watch it at 11 -- or set that VCR. Now where is that manual?



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