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Oh c'mon. Like it's not all about the basketball this weekend

On Your TV

By P.F. Wilson · March 17th, 2004 · Groove Tube
Here are a few programs to look out for in the upcoming week ...

WEDNESDAY 9 P.M. Crocodile Hunter Diaries, Animal Planet. "Backstage Bedlam." When "Croc Live" went to air during Croc Week 2003, there was a lot more going on behind the scenes than what made it on camera. Witness the backstage mayhem and chaotic rehearsals with guests such as Dame Edna and The Wiggles. Hold your kids close.

THURSDAY NOON. NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament, CBS. The "madness" begins. Have those brackets handy, and make sure you have fresh batteries in the portable radio and or TV.

THURSDAY 9 P.M. Barbarians: The Battle For Rome, Discovery. The Republic of Rome became an empire that stretched from ancient Palestine, down to Egypt and up to Great Britain. Had it not been for the Germanic "Barbarians," the Empire might have endured. Forced from their land by barren crops, the Cimbrians and Teutons were the first-known Germanic tribes to migrate south, surprising -- and defeating -- the powerful Roman army. Later, the two clashing armies joined together against the Huns, eventually purging them from ancient Europe entirely.

France, then known as Gaul, declined to join the invasion and was barred from lucrative rebuilding contracts.

FRIDAY 10 P.M. Modern Marvels, The History Channel. "Frontline Reporting." When the U.S. military rolled across the desert in Iraq in 2003, it was accompanied by civilian correspondents in the vanguard of another kind of revolution. Transporting satellite phones, video phones, digital cameras and lightweight satellite uplinks, these frontline reporters could dispatch the news of war in a more timely fashion and with greater range and clarity than ever before. It also made it possible for Geraldo to give away troop movements with startling speed and accuracy.

MONDAY 8 P.M. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremonies, VH-1. Though it will have happened a week earlier, catch the whole thing here. This year's show will honor the consummate singer-songwriter, Jackson Browne; longtime chart-toppers, The Dells; the multi-faceted George Harrison; the self-produced innovative sounds of Prince; the Rock and Soul of Bob Segar; the bluesy Jazz of Traffic and the Texas Soul and Funk of ZZ Top. The latter's beards were inducted a few years back.

MONDAY 10 P.M. The Daily Show Presents: Race From The White House 2004, Comedy Central. Jon Stewart takes a special primetime look at our unique political vetting procedure and puts the Democratic Primary process in perspective. Stewart and his crack team of correspondents will look back at the campaign trail so far. This special will feature a montage of Stewart's "Headlines," ultra-exclusive interviews with candidates Rev. Al Sharpton and Senator Bob Graham; and more. Though flawed, we have the best political system on the planet ... and the funniest.

NEWS & NOTES: Congrats to Ellen Degeneres, whose talk-show racked up 12 daytime Emmy nominations. NBC will carry the awards May 21. ... Donald Trump will host Saturday Night Live on April 3. Can't wait for the lame Apprentice sketch.



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