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Lost Cities of the Maya can be found on The History Channel

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By P.F. Wilson · March 10th, 2004 · Groove Tube

THURSDAY 7 P.M. Lost Cities of the Maya, The History Channel. Maya kings ruled the jungles of Central America for over 1,000 years. Great architects, artists and mathematicians, the Mayans were more advanced than the Europeans, just emerging from the Dark Ages. Yet suddenly their civilization vanished. To this day, it's not fully understood why they abandoned their cities and what caused their demise. For decades, unstable governments and wars have made the search for clues to this mystery difficult to investigate. Archaeologist Kathryn Reese-Taylor explores the Guatemalan jungle seeking the lost city of Naachtun and the answers to what happened. My guess: a high-carb diet.

THURSDAY 8 P.M. Stars on Ice 2004, A&E. Did you realize that figure skating outdraws most televised sports, save for the biggies (baseball, basketball, football)?

SATURDAY 9 P.M. Snakehead Terror, Sci-Fi. This film stars Bruce Boxleitner, Carol Alt and William B. Davis (X-Files). Inspired by real events, the movie opens in small town Maryland (hey, isn't that where the WB's Clark Kent lives?) where a school of freakishly large snakehead fish overrun a lake and take to the land.

It's up to the local sheriff to reel in the creatures before they go on a massive feeding frenzy.

FRIDAY 9 P.M. Movie, Lifetime. At press-time the exact film to be shown was not known. However, knowing our friends at Lifetime, it's either a woman being stalked by some freak or a story about a woman fighting to get her kid back. You've got a 50-50 shot.

SUNDAY 6 P.M. NCAA Men's Basketball Selection Show, CBS. Get your brackets out, sharpen those pencils and start doing some serious thinking. But remember, don't over-analyze: Teams are seeded they way they are for a reason. Good luck.

SUNDAY 9 P.M. Colosseum: A Gladiator's Story, Discovery. A Roman slave named Verus fights his way out of slavery and is freed from a life of drudgery. Selected for his charisma and strength, he's trained as a gladiator in one of Rome's top schools. He is chosen to fight in the inaugural games for the most extraordinary amphitheater the Empire will ever see -- the Colosseum. Verus is not a figure of fantasy, but a part of history. In the course of learning his tale, discover the way gladiators were trained, how they fought and the story of greatest amphitheater of ancient times. He later sat out gladiator training camp until his contract was renegotiated.

MONDAY 10 P.M. Now Who's Boss?, TLC Vietnam veteran, successful businessman and group president of The Estée Lauder Companies, Dan Brestle is a mover and shaker in the competitive cosmetics industry. Ensconced in Lauder's New York HQ, his world is filled with glamour. He then hired a fella who was Pennsylvania Dutch, a mover and a Quaker ...

NEWS & NOTES: TBS plans a re-launch in June. Among the fresh ideas is a program that reportedly will be (get ready) a "real" Gilligan's Island. Yup. With a real Skipper, first mate, millionaire and his wife. No, April 1 is still a few weeks away, so they must be serious.



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