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Medicine Wheel Rejuvenation

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By · March 1st, 2006 · The Road to Wellness
Recently, I met Rev. Francine Haydon, also known as "Silverwolf Woman." She's a healer who practices Medicine Wheel Rejuvenation Techniques. I was intrigued by this and asked her to provide an explanation of this process.

"First, I explain the entire process to the client so there are no surprises," she said. "I show them the portable Universal Medicine Wheel and explain that, although it is based on the concept of the Native American Medicine Wheel or sacred hoop, it is not Native American and neither am I (that I know of, at least). The wheel underneath the person is moose hide, which happens to be feminine energy, and the one that goes over the person is elk, which is male energy. They contain animal totems, astrological sign information, Celtic tree energy, Reiki symbols, Shambalah symbols and Star Nations symbols. It truly represents all people and all nations.

"After the person has been covered with the Medicine Wheel, stones and crystals are placed on their seven major chakra points as well as in their hands and at their feet. There is also a large crystal grid under the massage table. They put on a headset, which is playing 'Healing Earth Drums' music, and the work begins.

"A prayer is said over the person to connect with the divine Spirit and draw in the white light of protection. All is done for the highest good of the client. Each chakra is then opened, using a crystal or stone wand. Chimes are used for the 'awakening' of each chakra and to clear/purify. When all are open, we beat a drum to take the person on a brief shamanic journey and use a rattle to break the energy along the way at various points so the person can observe what they need to be getting/understanding. Then we use Reiki down the body and let the energy flow.

"After a few more minutes, we then close the chakras and use feather fans and moldavite oil to clear/cleanse the aura of anything the person might have released. The stones and Medicine Wheel are removed, and the person is tapped on the shoulder and told they can sit up whenever they're ready.

"The Medicine Wheel will do two things: pick up anything the person is releasing and also infuse them with any particular animal totem's energy they might need. We then discuss what they saw and felt as well as any animal totems we might have picked up for them as we were working. They are told to be sure to drink lots of water over the next 48 hours to wash away the toxins the body is releasing from the process. They are given my phone number and email to contact me if they have any questions or concerns."

The portable Universal Medicine Wheel and rejuvenation process were created by Dr. L.M. Bluehawks Stec. Revs. Francine and Stephen Haydon studied with Bluehawks and are now the certified Medicine Wheel Rejuvenation teachers for the state of Ohio.

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