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1310 Alms Place

By April L. Martin · January 28th, 2004 · Blight of the Week
1310 Alms Place
Jymi Bolden

1310 Alms Place

Address: 1310 Alms Place,East Walnut Hills

Owner: Cognition Management Group Inc.

Year Built: 1901

Value: $64,600

Comments: This once beautiful property used to be East Vocational High School, alma mater of retired State Sen.

William Mallory Sr. (D-Cincinnati). The massive turn-of-the century stone and brick building has sat vacant for several decades. On April 7, 1999, Cognition Management Group Inc. bought the property with plans to restore the school and turn it into condominiums. On Aug. 6, 1999, a building inspector with the city of Cincinnati sent the owner a letter ordering the property be brought up to code by barricading all entries to the building and removing overgrown weeds. The building inspector received no response, and the orders were not complied with. On Jan. 14, 2000, another letter went to the owners informing them that a retaining wall had collapsed onto the sidewalk. A makeshift barricade was put up, which is slowly falling apart, and some debris still remains. Today the building still sits vacant. Building inspector Charlie Crawford has seen no progress to turn the once beautiful school into living spaces.

"The owners are trying to find some money to turn it into apartments," he says. "But I haven't seen any drawings. Nothing has taken place except barricading the building."

The owners couldn't be reached for comment.

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