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1654 State Ave.

By April L. Martin · November 25th, 2003 · Blight of the Week
1654 State Ave.
1654 State Ave.

Address: 1654 State Ave., Price Hill

Built: 1890

Value: $18,900

Owner: Michael Kinman

Comments: This property first became a problem in October 2001, when the city of Cincinnati issued a "keep vacant" order.

Since that time the property has significantly deteriorated. Several upper windows are broken and vandals have repeatedly removed barricades from them. In June the city again barricaded the windows. Vegetation in the front is overgrown, the roof has failed and the building has been condemned.

Several trash bags full of clothes are strewn on the side of the house. Beautiful backyard views of the downtown skyline and the Museum Center at Union Terminal are the property's only clear assets.

"There has been no contact with the owner," says Ed Cunningham, acting supervisor for the Department of Building and Inspections. "Condemnation orders were sent to two addresses and returned by the post office."

Because Kinman hasn't responded to repair orders, a public-nuisance hearing will determine if the property will be demolished. If the property is ordered for demolition and the owner can't be reached at his home in Harrison, city residents will foot the bill for that as well.

The owner was unavailable for comment.

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