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By Stacey Recht · November 19th, 2003 · Gallery Hop
Matt (left) and Paul Coors
James Czar

Matt (left) and Paul Coors

PUBLICO is dead center of the backstreet Over-the-Rhine art district, a block removed from what's casually called the "Main Street Art District." Publico is tucked into the middle of Clay Street at 1308. No storefront announces its existence; just a door, a sign and groups of young artists circling in and out.

This ground-floor apartment is a comfort zone for some of the edgiest, most playful visual and performance art on the Final Friday tour. With a living room big enough to function as a full gallery space, Publico is the brainchild of Matt and Paul Coors, who run the gallery, live in the apartment and curate the shows. The space definitely attracts the ultra-cool crowd, art-school kids in bright cardigans with lanky ankles and disheveled, beautiful hair. Don't feel uninitiated if you're, well, uninitiated. The Coors are trying to grow and diversify their visitor base, reaching out to the surrounding community of Over-the-Rhine, spilling Publico's art-centric mission on to the sidewalks and the street. The gallery is street-level, both in geography and mission, but underground and alternative all at once. "I wouldn't want anyone to think this is some sort of elite club, that you had to be in a certain crowd to be here. I want everyone to come here," Matt Coors says. "Some of the artists we've shown in the past advance this idea. For example, graffiti-influenced artists take the gallery outside."

Address: 1308 Clay St.

First opened: January 2003

Hours: 6-10 p.m. Final Fridays;special events; by appointment.

Next exhibit: An Evening of Intellectual Stimuli, new works by Annette Monnier, with an opening reception Nov. 28.

Contact: 513-784-0832 or publicoart@yahoo.com



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