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Take 60 Seconds

By · October 29th, 2003 · CCV Watch
In response to CityBeat's recent urgings to readers to support the paper against attacks by Citizens for Community Values, CCV launched a new attack on its Web site (www.ccv.org) that accuses CityBeat of "promoting prostitution" through our adult services classifieds. The Web attack is filled with misinformation and potentially libelous claims.

"For years CCV has worked to make responsible retailers aware of the deviant nature of CityBeat," the Web site explains, adding that due to the group's efforts CityBeat isn't in Kroger, UDF, Thriftway, Ameristop or Wal-Mart stores.

The bloated claim (the paper has never been distributed in UDF or Thriftway) destroys the appearance CCV tries to cultivate of "concerned citizens" independently standing up for their right not to be offended.

CityBeat's attorney contacted CCV regarding the site's claim that the paper engages in criminal activity by "promoting prostitution," and CCV agreed to remove the offensive wording. But the section ends with the usual CCV marching orders: "Whenever you are in a store in greater Cincinnati where CityBeat is distributed, take 60 seconds to speak to the manager. A respectful appeal to their integrity and community conscience should accomplish much."

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