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2133 Colerain Ave., West End

By Maria Rogers · April 9th, 2003 · Blight of the Week
Jymi Bolden

Address: 2133 Colerain Ave., West End

Owner: Dwight R. Harper and Donna D. Williams

Year Built: 1895

Value: $8,400, according to the Hamilton County Auditor's Office

Comments: Despite the low value that the Hamilton County Auditor's Office put on this property, the office's records indicate the owners paid $110,000 for it in 1999.

Sean Minihan, inspector with the City of Cincinnati Department of Buildings and Inspections, says not much has changed in the area around this building since he was last in charge of inspecting the neighborhood.

"That street hasn't changed a heck of a lot since I had it 10 years ago," he says.

Last month Minihan returned as inspector of this area of the West End.

A history of city orders on the building goes back two years.

The report contains the usual demands that are made of many owners of vacant buildings -- to keep the building barricaded and to obtain a vacant building maintenance license.

"As far as I know the building is vacant and secure," Minihan says. "There isn't really any action or activity going on other than it's being maintained by us."

Minihan says the department tries to reissue orders on a building every two years in order to keep them current, in case they go to housing court for enforcement.

"Prosecutors don't like to do anything with orders that are more than two years old," Minihan says.

The owners of the building have an unlisted phone number and couldn't be reached for comment.

BLIGHT OF THE WEEK is an effort to highlight the problem of abandoned buildings -- and who's responsible for them.



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