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Massage Is a Message

By Kimberly R. Blanton and Shelli E. Jones · April 2nd, 2003 · The Road to Wellness
Massage therapy is very beneficial to active individuals. It's known to reduce swelling and pain in injury, which speeds recovery time, prevents overuse injuries, reduces muscle soreness so a higher level of training can be pursued and maintains flexibility as well as relaxation. If you're active, we wholeheartedly suggest massage therapy, which remains our therapeutic modality of choice.

Muscles contract during weightlifting and other sports. They tend to tighten up, and soreness occurs from both the tension and the waste products resulting from training.

Massage therapy lengthens and loosens the muscles as well as removes waste buildup. This allows for muscle recovery from training as well as maintained flexibility and injury prevention.

There are several types of massage therapy. Our choice for the active individual is "deep tissue" sports massage. Although it can be somewhat uncomfortable at first, the results are incredible. This type of therapy will speed recovery between workouts as well as relax the muscles so you can remain flexible and healthy.

We suggest you seek a highly-referred licensed massage therapist and begin reaping the benefits so you can train harder and stay healthier. Ask some of your active buddies who they'd recommend and give it a try. Please note it does take a few visits for a therapist to learn your body, so give it time and communicate your muscle concerns to them. Once you find the right therapist for you, we're sure you'll agree about how beneficial massage is for the active individual. ©



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