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Therapy After Exercise

By Kimberly R. Blanton and Shelli E. Jones · March 5th, 2003 · The Road to Wellness
When regularly engaging in sports, running, cycling, weight training or any other active venture, your body needs therapy in order to recover and remain healthy. There are various types of therapeutic modalities we recommend that not only are beneficial to the active individual but also combat free radicals and help the body heal from different types of stress and injury.

Sports massage helps eliminate waste buildup in the muscles as well as relaxes the muscles. Massage might also be helpful in injury prevention. From experience, we can tell you that this is one of the best methods of remaining healthy and free of injury if you live an active lifestyle.

Electrostimulation is very helpful in controlling pain and re-educating muscles that have been injured and can prevent scar tissue from developing in an injured area.

These are but a few benefits electrostimulation provides when administered properly by a professional.

The sauna provides numerous benefits to the active individual, ranging from pain relief to elimination of dangerous viruses and bacteria. The sauna can give your immune system a boost as well as speed the healing process.

Acupuncture is an excellent means of speeding the healing process, controlling pain and relaxing the body when administered by trained, licensed professionals. It even seems to regulate chemical balance in the body.

Other therapeutic modalities include TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation), stretching and acupressure. We'll discuss several of these therapeutic remedies in the upcoming weeks. Until then, we hope you train hard and train healthy. ©



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