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Eating to Live or Living to Eat?

By Kimberly R. Blanton and Shelli E. Jones · February 19th, 2003 · The Road to Wellness
There are many perspectives on dieting, as we're sure you notice when you hear of all the magic solutions offered in books and magazines and on television. Some people prosper following certain diets, while others fail to progress on the same regimen. Dieting, it seems, is a difficult concept -- not only is there much inaccurate information available, there's never an easy way to transform your body into one you can appreciate.

Dieting can be broken down into some key factors, once you're ready to make the sacrifice. First, everyone has a different metabolism -- how well your body utilizes its intake for energy and for lean mass gain.

Some people require a more restrictive diet, and others can just clean theirs up to look better. It's important to understand your own metabolism.

Second, it's very important to plan your meals around your activities. You can do this by thinking ahead to what your plans are the next two or three hours and build your portion sizes around that. That will helpyou decide which types of nutrients are most beneficial for your activities.

Another factor to consider is that the metabolism is forced to stay active when you eat smaller portions more frequently. By doing this, your body is always working, and your insulin levels remain more steady.

Finally, no matter what diet you're attempting, you must avoid bad fats and simple sugars. Bad fats include animal fats, and simple sugars are those found in candy and some fruit.

If you're confused about dieting, you should try to learn more about food. We recommend The Fat Burning Diet Book by Jay Robb, which explains what happens to each type of nutrient when it enters your body. Another option is to consult a dietician or a personal trainer to help you attain your goals. ©



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