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This Weight Won't Budge

By Kimberly R. Blanton and Shelli E. Jones · January 22nd, 2003 · The Road to Wellness
Whether while dieting or working out, everyone reaches a plateau at some point. It seems progress evades even the most dedicated. There is, however, a way to counter these sticking points.

Although there are some simple tips to losing weight, there's no miracle solution. Unfortunately, we must at some point sacrifice either time or tasty treats in order to gain the physical appearance and health we desire. If you believe you don't have to sacrifice to achieve your goals, you'll never quite make it there.

There are several methods to fitness training which can catapult you forward. If you're not familiar with the variations in training, you should either read some books on training or hire a well-qualified trainer.

If you choose the latter, make sure your trainer weight-trains regularly, since understanding training knowledge comes from implementation and practice.

Changing your routine does require some time, thought and perhaps creativity but will help you get closer to your goals. Repeating the same mundane routine will leave you at the plateau. Remember, the body adapts, so you must always surprise it -- whether in diet or in training -- if you wish to continue toward your goals.

Barring certain medical conditions, your weight can and will budge. On your part, this requires dedication and commitment. You must decide what's more important -- the temporary gratification of delicious food and lack of effort in training or the permanent satisfaction of committing to a healthier lifestyle, looking and feeling better.

Although the latter takes some time and effort, it's very rewarding and requires only your determination. We encourage you to pursue the knowledge that gets you past your plateau and utilize it to achieve your goals. ©



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