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Get Going in the New Year

By Kimberly R. Blanton and Shelli E. Jones · December 26th, 2002 · The Road to Wellness
As the new year approaches, you might be deciding what changes could bring you a more positive life. Many of you will embark on resolutions involving weight loss, image transformation and health improvement. These are certainly excellent goals to set and ones you can reach if you desire to put forth the effort, prioritizing these resolutions in your life.

Only you can defeat yourself by giving up, so we encourage you to emphasize your goals and stick with them. Don't spend another year looking back saying, "If only I had stuck with it, I'd be there..." You can be there this time next year with a smile.

We'd like to share a couple of stories with you.

We have a client in her 50s who began training for the first time in her life. She hired us to train her and set a goal of toning her body. She approached her goal with complete dedication and soon entered a body transformation contest. She won the contest but, more importantly, achieved self-satisfaction because she lost 37 pounds of fat in just three months.

We also know this man who struggled with high cholesterol. His doctor suggested prescription medication, but he chose to eat healthier instead and contacted us to set up a dietary regimen for the sake of his health. Within five weeks, his cholesterol went from over 300 to 150. His doctor was surprised that he was able to contain his problem naturally.

These individuals decided to make a change, dedicated themselves to it and accomplished their goals. We believe everyone is capable of achieving their goals of becoming healthier and more fit by approaching their goals the same they would anything else of importance in their life.

Good luck to you on your goals. We know you can do it. Life is too short to not live it in a way that makes you happy. ©



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