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Army of Freshman

By · December 12th, 2002 · Gig of the Week

Ventura, Calif.'s Army of Freshmen is turning heads on tour and in the industry, for two different reasons, of course.

Fans are taking to the sugar-sweet Pop/Rock sound that bounces with New Wave keyboards and enveloping harmonies, sounding like Weezer on a Jolt Cola bender. The band's lyrics have an adolescent charm, leaving the big topics to others and instead singing about their favorite song, spring break, the end of summer and latest crush. The industry is taking notice because the band has sold over 6,500 copies of their first album on their own, thanks to relentless touring, including treks on the Warped Tour the past three years. The band's currently on the road supporting their self-titled debut, which was recently picked up by Japan's Sonic Label, home to Icarus Line and Ozma. For more on the group, check www.armyoffreshmen.com.

At The Void on Thursday.

-- M.B.



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