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1531 Pullan St., Northside

By Doug Trapp · December 5th, 2002 · Blight of the Week
Doug Trapp

Address: 1531 Pullan St., Northside

Owner: Thomas Switzer

Value: $6,800

Year Built: 1910

Comments: This 560-square-foot building might have started out as a garage, but more recently it was a beer and wine carryout store.

Today nothing is being carried out here except a slow-motion demolition, compliments of Mother Nature.

But the city will probably beat her to it: the building is slated for demolition in 30 days if the owner doesn't satisfy the city's building-code enforcement orders. A condemnation order is winding its way through the court system.

Thomas Switzer has owned the property since September 1984, according to the Hamilton County Auditor's Office. Several others owned the property before that -- all as a separate parcel from a nearby house that faces Langland Street.

The auditor's records also indicate the building is Switzer's mailing address.

Attempts to reach Switzer were unsuccessful. He didn't attend a condemnation hearing, according to Dave Edwards, inspections supervisor in the Department of Buildings and Inspections.

The building seems secure, although its sides are gradually being exposed because parts of the exterior walls are falling off. It would stand out in almost any neighborhood, but especially in Northside, in a residential area with few garages so close to the street.

BLIGHT OF THE WEEK is an effort to highlight the problem of abandoned buildings -- and who's responsible for them.



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