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Drums and Tuba

By · November 21st, 2002 · Gig of the Week

Eccentric trio Drums and Tuba return to Cincinnati this week for what should be one of the more unusual shows to check out locally.

Those still lamenting the loss of Dayton's Tooba Blooze over a decade ago will be happy to know that the tuba's place in Rock & Roll is alive and well in the music of this New York-based group. The band members -- who are on the road supporting Mostly Ape, their latest offering for Ani DiFranco's Righteous Babe Records -- ply a deliciously experimental brand of instrumental Indie Rock, with sheets and stabs of slanted guitar, off-kilter rhythms, a gurgle of electronic influence and, yes, a tuba, which provides the "bass" lines to the band's unique sound. The tuba is a nice "hook," but it's the band's crafty compositional skills and exploratory mind-set that will keep you coming back for more.

Thursday at The Mad Frog.

-- M.B.



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