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2144 Selim Ave.

By Maria Rogers · November 14th, 2002 · Blight of the Week
Jymi Bolden

Address: 2144 Selim Ave., South Fairmount

Owner: Wayne and Vickie Eccard

Value: $137,200

Year Built: 1898

Comments: This large building has six bedrooms and three bathrooms, according to the Hamilton County Auditor's Office.

"I've had a series of misfortunes with the building," says owner Wayne Eccard.

He says there was a burglary at the building.

Also, he says, some tenants said they would make improvements to the property, but didn't.

One problem with finding tenants for the building, Eccard says, is the size of the house.

"You just take it one at a time," he says.

Vandals have frequently broken into the building, according to Lonnie Wise, an inspector with the City of Cincinnati Department of Buildings and Inspections.

"They've almost totally destroyed the inside of it now," he says.

About a year ago, Wise says, a renter was living in the building and also using it as a day-care center.

"It's been vacant for quite a while," he says.

The city has issued orders to keep the building vacant and barricaded, according to Wise.

Eccard says he has rehabbed four other buildings on the street, and they have 100 percent occupancy rates.

"I've done a lot for that street," he says.

BLIGHT OF THE WEEK is an effort to highlight the problem of abandoned buildings -- and who's responsible for them.



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