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By · November 7th, 2002 · Gig of the Week
Lamb Lost In the City (Cordero Perdido en la Ciudad) is the stunning debut album from Brooklyn's Cordero, a bilingual, multi-faceted Indie Rock group fronted by the singer/songwriter Ani Cordero. The album (released by the Indigo Girls-founded Daemon Records) mixes Latin rhythms and tinges into their breezy-cool Rock sound in a refreshingly seamless manner, never sounding forced or contrived.

Ani and her superb band flow beautifully on tracks like "Sea Captain's Daughter," which has the lounge-y drift of Stereolab, "Girando Hasta El Fin," with it's velvety, underground sparkle, and the fantastic "Mia," which brings to mind Tropicalia rebels Os Mutantes. Cordero's exotic take on Indie Rock is wildly seductive and endlessly entertaining.

At the Southgate House on Thursday with The Push Stars and The Mayflies USA.

-- M.B.



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