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Captured! By Robots

By · October 31st, 2002 · Gig of the Week

Captured! By Robots is a no-apologies "novelty" act, to be sure -- the schtick is that a human minion, JBOT, has been taken hostage by a clan of evil robots that he has created.

J, spurned by human bandmates in Ska acts like Skankin' Pickle and the Blue Meanies, devised to literally build a group that would do everything he wanted. Alas, the plan backfired and the 'bots he created endlessly humiliate and torture their human slave. One would expect the music to be computerized bleeps and blips, but the group is actually a full-on Rock band, with a love for Classic, stomping R&R that's actually well executed and constructed. On CBR's latest, self-titled release, squeezed between the songs is a barrage of torturously hilarious vignettes, featuring the various robots forcing JBOT to eat boogers, inhale propane and call himself a "butt-sniffing butt licker," to their (and your) endless amusement.

At Top Cat's on Monday.

-- M.B.



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