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Whirlygig: 48

Out on the Town

By Wendy Robinson · October 17th, 2002 · Whirlygig

One must find ways to amuse oneself. Inspiration this week was given by the tales of Jill and Sandy. These two crazy chicks, perching ever so daintily on the bar stool at the Pub in Hyde Park, tell me snogging is "it." Of course, my response is, "Snogging? What the hell is snogging?"

It's an English term, they inform me. This is the rage in London, they assure me. Well, I've heard of "shagging." and while my trip to London a couple of years ago was filled with tea at the Ritz, Crown jewels and two-tiered buses, it wasn't a shag trip, much less any snogging. My date was an excellent tour guide, but no raging was going on. So what have I been missing?

Jill demonstrates with a come hither look across the bar that would be hard to ignore. She narrates her actions to me, "You have to pick a subject and get him to kiss you."

Wouldn't it just be easier to go over there and kiss him in grand ol' Mae West fashion? She is, after all, my favorite ballsy babe who once said, "Too much of a good thing can be wonderful."

"No, the subject must come to you," informs Sandy, who evidently is experienced at snogging as well.

Well, how many times have they been successful at this enticing and kissing thing is what I want to know. Very successful, I'm told. In fact, snogging can be international snogging, which is public display of affection with a foreign stranger who preferably doesn't speak English. Hmm, I do recall sending a handsome guy a drink in Frankfurt that ended up with kissing in a phone booth that's forever imprinted on my memory. I swear I can still smell leather and think of his jacket.

They tell me I can't make the move when snogging. Americans always make the move, I remind them. Unless you're officially snogging, they remind me.

OK, I'll listen and learn. Jill keeps looking at her subject and makes a move to the ladies room. She walks near him but doesn't speak, though she does smile I notice. He's definitely watching her.

When she comes back, she tells me that double snogging is when you kiss two different guys in public that you just met on the same night. I'm not sure I have the patience or the endurance for a double, which sounds like trouble, though I've been known to double book on occasion. Jill and Sandy both argue that double snogging is the best! I'll take their word for it.

Sure enough, Jill gets a nibble when her subject meanders over to our table to ask us what we're drinking. She's a pro at this, I can see, because when I return from the ladies room I'll be damned if she doesn't have him in a lip lock. The amazing part is I've seen this guy around town and he never acts like this, but then again maybe he's under the snogging spell.

Jill glances over her shoulder and winks. Who says snogging isn't fun?



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