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Cover Story: Go Big, Go Cheap

Sampling discounted prices, good food and stiff drinks downtown

By Rebecca Lomax · October 10th, 2002 · Cover Story
Quite often my friends and I have started an evening indulging in an array of half-price appetizers in the bar area of Palomino. While the prices in the dining room are a little steep for a casual thing, sit in the bar after 10 and the already cheaper prices are cut in half. And this isn't just pub grub, but great food.

On our last such experience, we noticed that the seats and stools are rarely more than half full at night. This is good for us, because we can usually score one of the coveted tables overlooking Fountain Square.

Though my friends would perhaps prefer to keep this deal our little secret, for the sake of a more lively atmosphere, I wanted to share the find.

After searching around a bit, CityBeat found other downtown businesses that were dropping their prices to lure in customers for food and drink. For lunch we checked out the dirt cheap prices at Café Cin/Cin and also the slightly higher prices at the Maisonette that were nonetheless more affordable for those without a corporate expense account.

Around happy hour, we stopped by the Cricket Lounge in the Cincinnatian Hotel, where they dress down their classy atmosphere with Friday deals. And I had noticed repeatedly while walking to my garage after work that Redfish has really been packing them in for happy hour. We decided to stop in and see what their secret was.

Once we picked these, our five favorites, we visited each to check out the scene when the food's served and drinks flow at their cheapest.



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