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Luther Wright and the Wrongs

By · July 11th, 2002 · Gig of the Week

For local brew house/music club the BarrelHouse's seventh anniversary, they're hosting a party featuring the creators of one of the year's most unusual (and unusually funny) albums.

Luther Wright and the Wrongs will be swinging by on their current tour in support of Rebuild the Wall, a song-for-song remake of Pink Floyd's legendary concept album. Not that unusual you say? Well, consider that the Canadian group (featuring members of Weeping Tile) reconstruct the classic straight-faced in a Bluegrass and old-school Country style. Now, it's clearly a novelty piece, but it's a heck of a lot of fun. The band distills Country and Bluegrass to a stereotype sometimes (it seems like they fall back on the "Devil Went Down to Georgia" backbeat when they don't know what to do), but a project so ambitious deserves some praise. And live, one can only hope they bring a full set, just like the giant wall re-creation the originals took on the road back in the day. We're guessing bricks will be replaced by bails of hay. Should be a lot of fun either way.

On Thursday at the BarrelHouse.

-- M.B.



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