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Japa Yoga

By Kate Jacobs · July 4th, 2002 · The Road to Wellness
Mantra Yoga, also known as Japa Yoga, is the repetition of a mantra as a primary self-development technique. "Mantra" is a Sanskrit word originally defined as "a sacred sound or word or series of syllables used to create an action with auspicious transformative qualities."

Japa Yoga is the technique of repeating the sacred sound of "AH" each morning and "OM" each evening while holding the vision of what you wish to create and being grateful. "AH" is the sound of opening, allowing the space for whatever needs to come in to come in. It's the sound associated with joy. "OM" is the releasing of all desires and is the sound of serenity.

Morning Meditation
Sit in a quiet place -- find a place where you won't be uncomfortable making sound -- and breathe deeply through the nose.

Allow the sound of "AH" to resonate throughout your body. Hold the sound until your breath runs out. As the sound flows through and out of your body, hold the intention or vision of what you want to create and see yourself as whole and healthy. Repeat the sound for several minutes, preferably for a number of times that can be divided by three.

Evening Meditation
Again sit in a quiet place. Breathe deeply through your nose several times, releasing through the mouth. Repeat the sound of "OM" while focusing on everything you're grateful for in your life -- your health, your body, your relationships, and so on. Keep focused on gratitude. Like the morning meditation, it should be repeated for several times, preferably divisible by three. Feel the serenity and peace in your body as you drift off to sleep.

Do these simple morning and evening meditations for 30 days and see how your life is transformed. ©



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