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By · April 18th, 2002 · Gig of the Week

Singer/songwriter Stolie (né Rebecca Stoelinga) has enlisted fellow Chicagoan Dan Darrah for her current tour, which finds the artists performing together on each other's songs with acoustic guitars and keyboards plus some turntable and bass work by Albino Red.

Stolie started performing in 1995 and, through travels across the country and England and gigs from subway tunnels to opening slots for artists like Vance Gilbert and Jeb Loy Nichols, she's developed a rich, enchanting Folk Pop sound that is buoyed by her clever lyrics and velvety sweet vocal delivery. Stolie's self-titled debut has gotten airplay across the country and she's sporting a new live EP featuring four unreleased cuts on her current travels. With its acoustic-based Soul/Pop vibe, Darrah's dynamic sound (which mixes acoustic guitars and jazzy piano) and Stolie's earthy but refined approach should make for an interesting live teaming.

At Cody's Café on Friday with local faves Tonefarmer.-- M.B.



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