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By Erma P. Sanders · August 23rd, 2001 · Diva
Some would argue that if a one-night stand turns into a longer relationship, it was never a ONS to begin with. I disagree. I believe few would go home with someone they have only known for a few hours for the explicit purpose of having sexual intercourse and expect it turn into something more. An ONS involves living in the moment. The two parties should only be looking as far ahead as the consummation of the act or, at best, the graceful departure. However, there are those miraculous times when an ONS leads to something more. That doesn't negate the initial act. It's still an ONS, because the intention when you were trying to follow that cutie back to the apartment wasn't anything long term.

When a one night stand leads to something more, it's because one or both people involved on some level are hoping for more. It could happen before the sex, when you click on an emotional level. Or the booty could be so good that a repeat performance is a necessity. I have had a few outings that I was sure were going to be merely a night to remember but they turned into something more. Most notably Dave McD: He picked me up at a bar, took me back to the fitness center where he worked, and we got naked and nasty all over the place.

Aaah, there is nothing like sex in front of wall-to-wall aerobic mirrors. But I digress. The point is, I was expecting a few hours, and I got a relationship that lasted on and off for years.

How about a few clues if your ONS has potential? Since you can only know what you're thinking and not your sex partners intentions, I'll offer a few.

· If he blindfolds you so you won't recall how to get to his place, this is definitely an ONS. Of course, if you're smart like me, you'll look at the mail lying on his kitchen counter and write down the address.

· If she insists on having sex on the floor, it's an ONS. Sex on the floor isn't hotter. She doesn't think you're worth getting her bed sheets wet.

· If he holds your hand when he walks you to your car, you might hear from him again. Hell, it's a good sign if he even walks you to your car.

· If you introduce yourself as "Erma" and he says, "Is that with a 'E' or an 'I,'?" he plans to add you to his Palm Pilot. Very good sign.

· If she calls you by the wrong name and when you correct her, she says, "OK, whatever," you are history at the crack of dawn.

· If he calls you by the wrong name and when you correct him he takes out a Magic Marker and writes it on his arm ... with a heart around it, he will call you. Or he's just a freak about permanent ink.

· If he grills you about how often you visit that bar where you met, be warned. He's trying to figure out how to avoid you. A certain ONS sign.

The best sign that your intended ONS has potential is breakfast. Places like Perkins aren't open 24/7 just for late shift workers and college students. Middle-of-the-night, post-sex breakfast is a sure sign that a chance for dating has occurred.

There is nothing wrong with an ONS. It can cure what ails ya with minimum side-effects. But it can be extra nice when you get a second chance with someone who intrigued you enough to go home with in the first place.



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