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Paris Texas

By · June 7th, 2001 · Gig of the Week

Hailing from Madison, Wisconsin, the Rock quintet Paris Texas are one of the more exciting new bands who use Punk as a springboard without limiting themselves to any sort of narrow focus.

On the group's third release, Brazilliant! (Polyvinyl), the band shows that they can exhilaratingly kick out the jams in full-throttle mode, but there's a lot of creative guitar and rhythmic shifts at work within the energetic blaze. Like Fugazi with a Pop sensibility, Paris Texas show that one can fully embrace melody and hooks and still be inventive. Even when the group turns down the adrenaline a trace, they still succeed, as the still-frisky (but slightly tamer) closer "400,000" proves. Brazilliant! is unfortunately only an EP, so after five songs your left salivating for more. Fortunately, a new full-length is in the works. In the meantime, we highly recommend checking out this show.At Top Cat's on Monday with The Icarus Line. -- M.B.



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