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By · May 3rd, 2001 · Gig of the Week

When last Modesto, California's Grandaddy passed through the Southgate House, they were opening for critical fuck-doll Elliott Smith and drawing a pretty split response from the crowd.

Some thought they blew Smith away, while others didn't know quite what to make of the band's homemade basement-Sci-Fi stage presentation. But since that time, Grandaddy's excellent album, The Sophtware Slump, has had time to germinate in people's minds and the band has gone from having one of the best albums of 2000 that you never heard (according to Spin) to being in a lauded situation similar to Smith's (not to mention garnering steady radio play). Slump is tastefully layered with technological blips and bleeps, but at the heart of this oddly lush affair is a core of wonderfully written songs. With a grand concept about technology taking over, some compare the band to Radiohead, but that seems a little to easy ­ Grandaddy's unforgettable Pop experiments should stand on their own.

At the Southgate House on Saturday.

-- M.B.



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