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By · April 26th, 2001 · Critics Picks
Thursday 26
We're all about beds. And we'll definitely be needing nap time what with all the Tristate has to offer this week. So much to do, not enough time, and all that mumbo-jumbo. We have a feeling we'll need to double up just to tackle everything. Fortunately, we hear that the CINCINNATI FLOWER SHOW has more beds than anyone can imagine. We can work our allergies up and catch some Z's all at the same time. (See Events.)

Saturday 28
There's no other time to see SATURDAY NIGHT other than on Saturday night. And it has nothing to do with our hectic social schedule. It just makes sense in our world. See, if we were to see to Sondheim's first-ever musical on Friday night, it would just throw off our whole sense of time. We'd think Saturday was Sunday, Sunday was Monday, and we just can't deal with that kind of complexity. (See Onstage.)

Sunday 29
We've had a thing for Asian culture ever since we were wee tykes and our grandmother would watch martial arts movies on a low-wattage TV station.

Of course, as we got older, we realized that there was a lot more to the world of Asia than just some kick-ass kung-fu moves. And no, we're not referring to those technological wizards at Sony. (You know, we don't always make fun of other cultures.) But the ASIAN CULTURE FEST should show Cincinnati that there's a whole world beyond crouching tigers and hidden dragons. (See Events.)

Monday 30
We go batty for vampire movies. (We being the lone underling forced at stake point to write these gloriously insightful picks, and, in turn, being the only person at CityBeat whose opinion really matters.) So naturally, even if it's bordering on cheesy, we're going to rise from our grave to bite into THE FORSAKEN. We like movies that grab us by the neck and drain us dry. We're sick like that. (See Film.)

Tuesday 1
When we first heard about the latest exhibit at the MIAMI UNIVERSITY ART MUSEUM, Craft is a Verb: Selections from the Collection of the American Craft Museum, we admit we got a little confused. We were looking forward to sculptures made out of cheese and macaroni. Despite our little faux pas, we hear that this show has its share of tasty art, even if it's not nearly as edible. (See Art.)

Wednesday 2
How can anyone go wrong with OPERA RAP? It only makes sense to have two of the most misunderstood musical genres come together. Actually, we just like the idea of Cincinnati Opera Artistic Director Nicholas Muni throwing down some fly beats and rhymes with his peeps. We're particularly looking forward to his duet with Snoop Dogg. (See Classes.)



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