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Ivan Klipstein

By · April 26th, 2001 · Gig of the Week

Ivan Klipstein is a prolific and ambitious 25-year-old singer/songwriter hailing from the seemingly unlikely burg of Madison, Wisc.

There's nothing that could be considered unlikely on Klipstein's albums, as the artist employs a kitchen-sink approach, avoiding pigeonholing by surfing in and out of genres with a masterful touch. On Lifestyle!, Klipstein shows that even though he uses a variety of sounds and styles, he does it all creatively. In the hands of a lesser collagist, Lifestyle! could be a jumbled mess. Instead, Klipstein moves from lush Pop to slinky Soul to folksy Hip Hop with the grace of a man who has lived a lifetime listening to each with an equal passion. While on album Klipstein uses a full-band approach (with lots of loops and samples), in concert, it's just the singer and an electric guitar, which simply adds another layer to this intriguing performer's fearless artistic philosophy.

At Buzz Coffeeshop and CD-o-Rama on Sunday.



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