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Old Blind Dogs

By · April 19th, 2001 · Gig of the Week

With a contemporary twist on traditional Celtic music, Scotland's Old Blind Dogs have been heralded as somewhat of a "supergroup" in the Celtic and Folk world, drawing comparisons to legendary acts like the Bothy Band.

Core members Jonny Hardie and Buzzby McMillan have a reputation for turning over members on a regular basis, but the young bandmates recruited for the band's upcoming Fit? album (Jim Malcolm, Paul Jennings and Rory Campbell) could be the best yet, and will hopefully stick around for a while. The band relies mostly on traditional songs and standards in its repertoire. But by incorporating unexpected elements like Afro rhythms, Blues harmonica and exotic texturing, the Old Blind Dogs end up making the songs undeniably their own. At the 20th Century Theater on Wednesday.-- M.B.



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