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Critics Picks: Critics' Picks

By · March 22nd, 2001 · Critics Picks

Thursday 22
He's not one to toot his own horn, but he has gotten a lot of attention for the way he blows. In fact, local sax great NELSON C. BURTON has made one great career playing with the likes of Nat "King" Cole, Scatman Crothers and other Jazz legends. It's simply because he had good fingering and could use a mouthpiece pretty well. (See Events.)

Friday 23
Attention all basketballs fans: Put down the chips and beer, get off the couch and cheer on your favorite Sweet Sixteen team with real, live human beings. Join the THIRD ANNUAL FINAL FOUR FLYAWAY, and you might win tickets to the Final Four in Minneapolis. Before you toss your cookies with excitement, you should know you'll have to cough up $50. But hell, you probably have at least that much in your office pool anyway, right? What's another $50? (See Sports.)

Saturday 24
After a few gallons of Guinness on St.

Patrick's Day, 16 hours of March Madness and the occasional bout of nausea, you probably crawled home from the bar and tried to forget about all the money you lost. So CITYFOLK IRISH CEILI DANCE is just what you need. Overcome your week-long hangover and learn to dance the Irish way. (See Events.)

Sunday 25
You movie freaks are just as bad as the basketball nuts, so we're suggesting you get off your asses, too, and go hang out with real people at the OSCAR NIGHT AMERICA GALA. It's a little pricey, but all the money benefits local non-profit People Working Cooperatively. But don't let the name confuse you: If you're a true movie fanatic, the authentic goings-on of real life are nothing compared to the made-up versions on the Silver Screen. (See Events.)

Monday 26
It's been called one of the best missing-

your-chance-to-booty-knock-the-neighbor movies that's ever been made, but IN THE MOOD FOR LOVE is much more than that. It's a smorgasbord of visual beauty set in 1960s Hong Kong about a man and a woman who turn to each other when they discover their spouses have been cheating on them. Oh, and it's also showcases a wide array of hallucinatory mandarin dresses. (See Film.)

Wednesday 28
Once again, it's a no-holds-barred extrava-ganza at SITWELL'S POETRY SLAM. With more sensitively rendered odes to

utter chaos and prescient predictions of Armageddon than you can shake a nuclear warhead at, the poets of Sitwell's ask you to cheer them on through of evening of intense heroic couplets and extreme iambic pentameter. (See Literary.)



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