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The Rosenbergs

By · March 22nd, 2001 · Gig of the Week

While downloading a Metallica song on Napster will make that band hate you to your very core, The Rosenbergs are more than happy to let you hear their music for free.

The current tour by the New York-based Power Pop quartet is even sponsored by Napster. And the group also made headlines when it declined to play on the popular new music television show, Jimmy & Doug's Farmclub.com, because of a restrictive contract, and, later, signed a deal with Robert Fripp and David Singleton's artist-friendly Discipline Global Mobile, which offers creative control and high royalty rates to its acts. Smart business acumen aside, the Rosenbergs' music should be the main reason you pick up a copy of Mission: You, the band's snappy, impressive new release that shimmers with the sugary melodic prowess of the best in guitar-based Pop. Don't believe me -- grab a song or two off Napster. They won't mind. Honest.With Crosley on Tuesday at Sudsy Malone's.



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