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By · March 15th, 2001 · Critics Picks

Thursday 15
What's not to like about DINNER WITH FRIENDS? You've got your fine wine, your good conversation, more fine wine, your hearty meal and still more fine wine. Of course, by the end of the evening, there's so much alcohol in everybody's system that things really start getting interesting. Now we ask you: What's more entertaining than when marital strife comes to the fore? (See Onstage.)

Friday 16
So long. Farewell. Avederzane. OK, so the sentiment is there, even if we don't know how to spell. We just wanted to bid bon voyage to Maestro Jesés López-Cobos. Not that he's going anywhere. Well, he is going somewhere at some point in time. Just not yet. But soon. Hey, we all knew this was coming. It just seems more real as Jesés conducts his final "all-orchestral" performance with the CINCINNATI SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA. (See Onstage.)

Saturday 17
Forget about the Cincinnati Reds Opening Day Parade! We really don't have a good reason for saying that.

We have nothing against the Reds -- at least not when they're winning. It's just that the Opening Day Parade is like an eternity away. More like two-and-a-half weeks, but that's a long time. We need to warm up with the CINCINNATI SAINT PATRICK'S PARADE, which is nothing to sneeze at -- primarily because of our German heritage. (See Events.)

Monday 19
There aren't that many guys who are funny, interesting and PC. Sure, there's Dennis Miller, but we only understand about a third of what he says. But HENRY ROLLINS speaks to us on our level -- sans the references to Mongolian leaders. So he looks a little frightening at first glance. But once you get past his tattooed burliness and tough-guy demeanor, you realize that he's just a pussycat at heart. (See Music.)

Tuesday 20
It doesn't appear that HATS OFF TO STYLE is very gender-friendly. After all, men can't get away with wearing hats the way women can. It must be something in the male DNA. Looking ridiculous in hats is the price guys pay for being able to pee standing up. It's a whole trade-off. Granted guys can do baseball caps and knit hats. They can even do cowboy hats -- but only in Texas. But no frilly bonnets allowed for the testosterone set -- unless you're Rupaul. (See Events.)

Wednesday 21
We like to think of ourselves as well-educated souls. But then something happens that just proves us wrong. We admit we were a little taken aback when we first heard about POLLOCK. There were just so many negative connotations that came to mind. Really! Another movie about a painter? Oh, it just sounded so boring. Who greenlights these pictures anyway? But then it turns out that it's not a half-bad movie. Damn those Oscar nominations! (See Film.)



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