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Go Robot Go

By · March 1st, 2001 · Gig of the Week

Columbus' Go Robot Go have made such frequent stops in Cincinnati that it only makes sense that they host a Queen City-based CD release party for their new album, Wait 3 Days ...

Then Attack! The album is the group's finest to date, loaded with GRG's singular brand of creative, futuristic Pop/Rock. Differing from previous releases, GRG has slightly toned down the ELO-like, grand vocal effects, and, in turn, the power of the songs is a little more evident. Not that there's still not plenty of electro-quirks to keep your ears busy -- the songs are separated by video-game interludes, and, texturally, there's still a lot of all-out, effected spaciness and crafty production tricks. Among the highlights: the Cheap-Trick-meets-Dandy-Warhols "Yeah, We Got It," the interplanetary-symphony "Semi-Annual Sale," and the amazing, sweeping closer "We Have the Technology."On Friday with The Simpletons at The Overflow.



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