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Reverend Right Time & the First Cuzins of Funk

By · January 18th, 2001 · Gig of the Week

Headliner Freekbass, who knows a thing or two about flashy, over-the-top Funk shows, offers high praise for Michigan's Reverend Right Time & the First Cuzins of Funk.

And besides an ever-growing legion of fans around the Midwest, the group has also caught the eye of another Funk aficionado, Chic guitarist Niles Rodgers, who signed the band to a production deal last year. The group's sound is described as a mix of George Clinton and the Chili Peppers and the band's energetic live performances are likened to a "caffienated 3D version of Saturday morning looney tunes." Besides opening slots for shows by Clinton, Roger & Zapp and Morris Day and the Time, the Cuzins also perform at "The Big Bottom Shakedown" showcases, which feature the best of Funk, Urban and Hip Hop groups around the Midwest at various clubs in the region. If you like your Funk with flair, this should be one of the best shows of the year.

At the Mad Frog on Friday with Freekbass.

-- Mike Breen



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