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Critics Picks: Critic's Picks

By · December 21st, 2000 · Critics Picks

Thursday 21
Antelopes, hippopotami and polar bears! All will be dressed up in Christmas lights for the Cincinnati Zoo's FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS. Orangutans will be covered in tinsel and the giraffes will be strewn from head to toe with Christmas ornaments and popcorn balls. And if you think that's cute, wait till you see the manatee in his Santa suit. (See Holidays.)

Friday 22
Pick your MESSIAH. Handel's greatest hit will be performed unabridged -- that means with extended guitar jam at the end -- at Knox Presbyterian Church and in a sing-a-long version at St. Peter's Church. Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!(See Onstage.)

Saturday 23
Is this the one where she kisses a frog or the one where she shacks up with a crew of dwarves? Maybe it's neither one, but at any rate she's sawing logs because of some evil fairy.

Wake up, SLEEPING BEAUTY!(See Onstage.)

Friday 29
It's Christmas with a kick when the leggy Rockettes energize The RADIO CITY CHRISTMAS SPECTACULAR. Of course, for the Cincinnati production, the Rockettes will only be shown from the waist up! After all, it's Christmas! (See Holidays.)

Saturday 30
Bright light city gonna set my soul. Gonna set my soul on fire. Got a whole lot of money that's ready to burn, so get those stakes up higher. Thank You, King. That's great. But the point is, the high rolling CINCINNATI STUFF are betting they'll beat the odds when they take on Las Vegas. (See Sports.)

Sunday 31
Wanna party with a cellist? We hear euphonium players really rip it up when you get a few drinks in them. At any rate, you could do much worse than spend New Year's Eve with the CINCINNATI SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA. They'll be taking a musical journey over the sands of time. But will there be anything to compete with last year's booty shakin' symphonic version of 1999. (See Holidays.)



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