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Ominous Seapods

By · November 30th, 2000 · Gig of the Week

WHILE POPULAR ON THE JAM BAND CIRCUIT, OMINOUS SEAPODS are one of those band's that have appeal beyond their hippie dancin' fanbase.

The group's most recent release, The Super Man Curse, is an anomaly coming from the jam scene for two reasons. Most importantly, the band doesn't rely on flashy, masturbatory solos, instead focussing on the songs. Secondly, the album actually sounds great, thanks largely to producer Glenn Rosentstein. The band's style has a delectable Southern Rock bent, falling somewhere between the Allmans and the Black Crowes, but takes many off-ramps into Pop, Funk and even a little New Wave along the way. Groovy stuff without all the granola aftertaste.

At the BarrelHouse on Wednesday.



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