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Carole Meyer

By Katie Moser · November 2nd, 2000 · Big Pig Gig

CAROLE MEYER cannot escape making a statement with her art. "I think my work is very strong," she says calmly, "not just a pretty picture.

It evokes a response from the viewer."

She also speaks matter-of-factly about her non-profit organization Breast Cancer, Inc. Meyer is a seven-year breast cancer survivor. ANGEL, her pig, ties together her art and her passion.

Originally from California, Meyer moved to Cincinnati with her husband seven months after her breast cancer surgery. She began to see Dr. Donna Stahl, who sponsored Angel for Breast Cancer, Inc., and met Rita Sauer, who manages a surgical office.

Sauer, who co-founded Breast Cancer, Inc., with Meyer, wanted to help women battling the disease. As a fund-raiser and demonstration of support, Sauer conceived an angel Christmas ornament, which Meyer developed and designed as a house decoration. In their first 18 months, their efforts raised $50,000 for breast cancer research at UCLA's Johnson Cancer Center.

Meyer will continue to work with women in the scope of her art, too. "I love to draw and paint women ... I just see (them) as heroines in so many ways during everyday life, and I want to express that."



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