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Melissa Day

By Katie Moser · October 19th, 2000 · Big Pig Gig
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Artist Profile
Melissa Day

Graphic artist MELISSA DAY has a CD design, book cover and a festival poster to her credit.

But since they were all created for the Art Institute of Cincinnati, where she is a senior, BLUES BROTHERS is the first piece of her work to be displayed.

Working outside of school will give Day greater freedom. Day says, "It's hard being a student, because you have to go by certain guidelines." She's eager to enter the local art community, although she's still figuring out where she'll contribute. "I'm excited about it, really excited about it," she gushes. "I'm just ready to get out there and try it."

Part of her indecision comes from wanting to dabble in every part of her field. "I would like to work on a little bit of everything, but there's not a company out there that does everything," she says.

Her next public project will be illustrations for a local author's religious book. Her medium is India ink on scratchboard, which she cuts with a small knife to create black-and-white pictures.

Ultimately, she enjoys working with computer graphics. "It's not that hard to understand," she claims. "If you make a mistake, you can erase it easily."

So what happens if you make a mistake on a large, fiberglass farm animal?



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