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New Bomb Turks

By · October 5th, 2000 · Gig of the Week

Having the word "Bomb" in the band name and showing an explosion on their most recent album cover is oh-so fitting for the New Bomb Turks.

Punk Rock has been through the ringer the past few years, with Power Pop bands riding the tag to multi-platinum success and '77 mohawks and mimics replacing the spirit of the music in too many cases. The Turks -- who hail from Columbus -- have the spirit and then some, as they showcase brilliantly on their most recent Epitaph release, Nightmare Scenario. And, refreshingly, the band knows their Rock history pretty well too. High octane and explosive, the band's rootsy drive reminds us that Punk isn't limited to the span between the Sex Pistols and Green Day. Jerry Lee Lewis, Robert Johnson and the Rolling Stones were the Punk Rock of their day. True Rock & Roll and Punk Rock should be synonymous, and the Turks make it so.

At the Southgate House on Thursday with Zeke and Bantam Rooster.



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