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Big Ass Truck

By · September 28th, 2000 · Gig of the Week

Memphis' Big Ass Truck have made a name with an unusual blend of Rock, Soul, Funk and Hip Hop and through seemingly endless road trips. Imagine if the Beastie Boys came from the South and could actually sing and play their instruments, well, you'd be close to the incredibly enjoyable sound of Big Ass Truck.

The group's latest effort, 1997's Who Let You In Here?, came after a few releases on Rounder/Upstart, and it also marks the maiden release from the BAT-revived Peabody Records, a unique Memphis label that, before it shut down, released albums by artists as disparate as Cybil Shepherd and Alex Chilton. To graciously use a tired Rock critic cliche, Who Let You In Here? is one of those records that has something for everyone. As with fellow "collagists" like Beck, Big Ass Truck's gift is taking all these different elements to come up with an original sound. Hip Hop break beats mingle with Soul/Pop vocals, spacey and funky organ grooves peacefully co-exist with manic DJ scratches, but the end result is a cohesive whole and not the mangled mess it could have been in lesser hands. Depth and soul coupled with completely addictive songs make Big Ass Truck an incredibly righteous, engaging and talented band that comes highly recommended. They are currently completing their next album, The Rug.

At BarrelHouse on Saturday with 4 Track AllStars.

-- M.B.



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