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Suzanne Fisher

By Katie Moser · September 21st, 2000 · Big Pig Gig

Suzanne Fisher was sketching the bottom of a shower during our interview about her pig, Piganthropy. The drawings are for a private client who commissioned Fisher to create mosaics for three different bathrooms.

"Mosaics are a great medium for me to work in because I've always liked taking pieces of broken things and putting them back together in different ways," says Fisher.

Recently she completed a large-scale project for Southern State Community College using broken tile and plates. And diners at Plaza 600 Seafood Restaurant can see her work above the kitchen window.

She has animated two brief computer films, which appear on www.ifilms.com. In addition to mosaics and computer animation, Fisher creates collages and quilts.

The Greater Cincinnati Foundation sponsored Piganthropy, anothermixed media piece. "I like to have different textures," she says. "Some are shiny, some are matte, some piece have patterns, some are plain, some pieces are large and some pieces are small."

Fisher is piecing her art into a full-time job while planning her wedding. To top it off, she is tentatively signed on to do an exhibition at the Weston Gallery.

Maybe it's a good thing she starts small.



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