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Stir Fried

By · July 20th, 2000 · Gig of the Week
IF YOU'RE HUNGRY FOR SOME GROOVY ROOTS MUSIC THIS WEEKEND, HOW 'BOUT A LITTLE STIR FRIED. The East Coast ensemble has made Cincy a regular stop on their consistent touring adventures. While based on Funk, Rock, Blues and Psychedelia, there's no telling where the group will go next.

Legendary pedal steel guitarist Buddy Cage provides many of the highlights on the band's latest release, Last of The Blue Diamond Miners, his slinky, dazzling playing giving the tracks an extra level of trippy depth. But the band is one tight unit, exhibiting a near telepathic ability to play off of each other. Blue Diamond is rounded out by many other "legends" -- Vassar Clements, Tony Trishka and Bernie Worrell also make stellar guest appearances. Mmmm, good stuff.

At Stanley's Pub on Friday.



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