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Terry Boyle

By Katie Moser · June 22nd, 2000 · Big Pig Gig
Jymi Bolden

SwineLake, created for theCincinnati Ballet, began as one pig, but before long it grew to a five-pig dancing pyramid, says artist Terry Boyle, who plans to finish it by the end of June.

Earlier Boyle completed another pig for the Cincinnati Art Museum, "Pop Pig ­ Andy Warhog." And he was asked to do yet another pig.

"It's way more work than I expected," Boyle says. "But it's a fun project, and I am happy with the whole thing."

"Swine Lake" is being created at CAG Framing and Restoration, where Boyle has been co-owner and painting restorer for seven years. A variety of regional galleries, including the Cincinnati Art Gallery, commission Boyle'sservices.

Boyle is presently working on a series of portraits of himself as a circus performer. He is his own model because he works late at night. With 30 projects sitting on the sidelines, his late nights probably won't end for awhile. But soon Boyle will herd five pigs off his palette.



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